Limitation of liability

The content of this website will be created with the greatest possible care. The provider does not take over any liability related to the correctness, thoroughness and actuality of the provided data. The usage of the content of this website occurs at ones own risk. 

Namely marked content reflects the opinion of the respective author and not that of the provider. With the mere usage of this website no contract relationship between user and provider is created. 

External Links

This website contains links to other websites from third persons (“external links”). The provider of these websites are subject to the liability. The provider of this website has already checked the content of the external links if there are any violations of law before he has created any external link on this website. The provider has no influence on the future content and layout of these linked websites. The activation of external links on the providers website does not mean that he claims ownership of the content of the external links. A continual control of the external links cannot be supported by the provider. However, if there should be any violations of law in the content of the external links, then these will be deleted from the website instantly. 

3. Author and Ancillary copyright 

The content disclosed on this website is subject to the German Author and Ancillary copyright. Every usage of the content, which is prohibited by the Germany Author and Ancillary copyright needs to be approved by the provider or the respective copyright holder. This especially applies to reproduction, processing, translation, saving or rendering of content in data bases or other electronic media or systems. Conent and rights of third persons are marked therefore. The forbidden reproduction and passing on of single web pages or content is not aloud and is punishable. The presentation of this website in foreign frames is only possible with a written approval. 

5. Utilisation of the contact data. 

The usage of the contact data of the Impressum for the commercial advertisement is clearly not wished, except the provider has supplied his written approval or a business relationship already exists. 

The provider and all of the persons named on this website therefore contradict any commercial usage and passing on of their data. 

Should this website violate your copyright or any other rights a contacting suffices and then the content to be questioned will be deleted or the data will be changed. A warning subject to charge is not necessary. 

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